The beginning of the end

In the big wide wasteland that is the Internet, there are millions of blogs.

Some are abandoned relics of the 1990s teenagers, some are freegan vegan (a vegan that dumpster dives and eats what they find) recipe pages and some, like this, are people blabbing away to an often entirely absent audience.
“Why an absent audience?” I ask myself since obviously no one else will.
Well… Why on earth does my opinion on anything bloody matter? I’ll tell you something, it definitely doesn’t. But hey! Here I am, still pontificating to an empty room.

I’m fortunate enough to be working in a pretty cool industry. Fashion photography. And even luckier, I grew up in said industry since my father is also a fashion photographer. It made for some great (albeit sometimes embarrassing) family photos. Such as below.

That’s me, on the left. Or the right. To be honest, I’m not too sure myself because she looks exactly like me. That’s my twin, if you couldn’t have guessed.

Anyway! Apparently vlogs are all the rage now, but I prefer the just typing to my computer instead of talking to it… Which is my long meandering way of getting back to the topic at hand, which is the topic of this blog.
I’m starting a fashion blog! Or rather, a behind-the-scenes-of-a-fashion-photographer blog. Basically, a place for me to post photos and have the occasional ramble.

So let’s all welcome my photography blog to the Internet stage where 10 million other photography blogs are!
Oh wait. There’s no one here to welcome it. Shit.

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