32 hours in transit

Writing a blog takes discipline. A quality I find only in some places within myself, but not others. See, in my organising and planning, I’m precise… but plop me in front of a computer and I can get lost in the endless clickholes that is the internet.

It’s a rather frustrating dynamic because outside of shooting, I spend a solid amount of time on my computer; I have to choose selects, colour edit, choose final selects and then finally retouch. I’ve at least whittled it down to a system thankfully. A few hours of editing earns me a half hour (or more) of Pinterest browsing, usually to help plan my next shoot or snack (okay usually snack- Pistachio & white chocolate cookies, I’m looking at you)

Currently, I’m in Germany. A rather last minute trip, I’m talking booked 2 days before I left but am finally over jet lag. Usually, I travel with my twin sister and doing that expedition by yourself is nothing short of arduous. Starting off in Sydney, I headed first to Hong Kong where I first discovered the perils of travelling alone… the choice between giving up the only available power outlet or going to pee.

I boarded my final flight to Stuttgart and had a whole row to myself! It’s the small things.

We landed a few hours later, making sure to look out the window as we descended, to appreciate the beauty of my homeland.

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