Heaven at Halfner Alm

Our bodies are ruled by circadian rhythm, which evolved to be tied to the solar day. Jet lag, the brutal beast that it is, messes it up like nothing else. With jet lag, it’s as if there was solar powered clock in our brains that is stuck in another time zone. Now it doesn’t just take it’s cue from daylight either, but also from melatonin.¹

Basically, I’m messed up from jet lag but away my big sister, Lily and I zipped down to Munich via the autobahn, playing music and gasping at all the cars that zoomed past us.

The next day Lily, her boyfriend Joe and I went on an adventure down near the Austrian border to one of our favourite restaurants in all of Germany- the Halfner Alm.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Also, anyone who knows me, knows I love dogs more than life itself. And at Halfner Alm, there is one of the cutest pups ever.

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