Snow Day

The sun shone perfectly through the branches and as my camera dangled around my neck, my only thought was how beautiful the light would be with a girl running naked through the woods.

The last time my sister and I shot together had been years before, in a similar situation. I’d asked her to pose nude in the snow- but in the dead of winter. So this time, when I asked it was at least 10 degrees warmer then last time. She begrudgingly agreed, squealing and giggling the whole time. 

After a few minutes, the light faded and Lil’s feet couldn’t bare it, we packed up and kept walking. 

We meandered into this big magnificent (ski) field and were stopped dead by the beauty of it. I turned to my sister again, but we were near restaurants and other hikers so Lil was a bit unsure about getting naked again. I couldn’t waste the beautiful background and having no qualms about shocking some tourists and a few fellow Germans, so I too stripped down and sprinted around barefoot in the snow. And oh man, did I suddenly understand the squealing. My toes froze instantly and the cold crept up my legs as I danced around in the snow thinking moreso of keeping myself warm then what I might look like in the photos. 

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