Style file #1

Working within the fashion industry, I’m consistently surrounded by beautiful people, talented people & well dressed people… Usually all wrapped up into one person, then timesed by however many people are working on set that day. 

The fashion industry, however vapid and self destructive it may sometimes be, is really a benchmark for the first impressions we have of a person… whether we consciously take note or not. Every woman is familiar with the up & down glance from another girl walking by, that quick scan of an outfit that lets us read into our perception of someone else’s  psyche. 

Personally, I’ve found myself go through many clothing stages; from grungy (aka dirty) ripped rock’n’roll style to an attempt at hippy boho, my style changed as often as the wind blew. I idolised both my big sisters who’s senses of style always seemed so cool & effortlessly thrown together whilst I struggled to find my niche of what my first impression to the world may be- call it middle child syndrome. 

Finally, after 22 years, I’ve started to feel comfortable in my own clothing choices, not dictated by the style trends I so religiously follow nor my boyfriends opinions. Naturally I still ask for advice from friends if I really should invest in a $400 vintage Roberto Cavalli suit or ask my sisters if I should buy yet another pair of flared jeans, but I’ve finally found the line of style that I can walk along. 

As a side note, I feel semi-obnoxious posting photos of my outfits since I’m brutally aware of the self important capitalist trends that I myself play into as both a fashion photographer & consumer…. but also… I think the outfits look cool so ¯_(ツ)_/¯ 

Here it goes.

Found an old belly dancing skirt & it matched with my salsa-esque pants. So naturally a graceful dance was required. 

Wearing: ZARA tshirt, ELLERY flare pants, ELLERY sunglasses, ACNE shoes

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