Ivy Erlinger Photography

  1. Brittany

    29 May 2017
    A Brigitte Bardot inspired swim shoot with the beautiful Brittany Bloomer.  Brittany & I had been bursting to do a Brigitte Bardot and lo & behold, Facebook brought us together to make this magic. (How many times can I use some wonderful word alliteration in this post?) Britt & I…

  2. Style file #1

    14 Apr 2017
    Working within the fashion industry, I’m consistently surrounded by beautiful people, talented people & well dressed people… Usually all wrapped up into one person, then timesed by however many people are working on set that day.  The fashion industry, however vapid and self destructive it may sometimes be, is really…

  3. Lazy days with Last Daze

    06 Apr 2017

  4. Snow Day

    25 Mar 2017
    The sun shone perfectly through the branches and as my camera dangled around my neck, my only thought was how beautiful the light would be with a girl running naked through the woods. The last time my sister and I shot together had been years before, in a similar situation.…

  5. Jess King

    20 Mar 2017
    She’s cooler then cool, she’s ice cold Back when it was actually warm and not raining, this is a shoot I did with the drop dead gorgeous Jess King. She was literally in Sydney for the day and we shot all afternoon before her flight. Lidija (my makeup artist extrodinaire),…

  6. Second Skin

    20 Mar 2017
    I’ve never been a dress wearer, I’m a jeans & t-shirt kind of girls. Admittedly, I revile skinny jeans and exist only in stretch and / or denim flares but I do always love some denim on denim action. Recent story that I shot + an interview with yours truly…

  7. Heaven at Halfner Alm

    19 Mar 2017
    Our bodies are ruled by circadian rhythm, which evolved to be tied to the solar day. Jet lag, the brutal beast that it is, messes it up like nothing else. With jet lag, it’s as if there was solar powered clock in our brains that is stuck in another time…

  8. 32 hours in transit

    19 Mar 2017
    Writing a blog takes discipline. A quality I find only in some places within myself, but not others. See, in my organising and planning, I’m precise… but plop me in front of a computer and I can get lost in the endless clickholes that is the internet. It’s a rather…

  9. Waterfall

    19 Mar 2017
    Pushing past low hung branches and climbing underneath fallen trees, this magical waterfall is one of my favourite spots to shoot and a pain in the butt to get to. This particular day, the wind howled the whole time by the water and I had to wrap my camera in…

  10. Wander

    19 Mar 2017
    Outtakes and film photos from my shoot with Britta for C-Heads Magazine

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